Location Analysis

Selecting a location for your laundromat business

You've decided to open a laundromat business and now need to determine the location where you will find the greatest success. Your IPSO distributor can help you make the right choice when selecting a location for your laundromat business:

Demographic data

Get information on the population your laundromat will be serving. What is the population of home and apartment renters in the area? What is the income range of those living in the area? This demographic based information can be obtained for free from the municipal government, chamber of commerce or economic development corporation in your community. Renters and residents in lower-income categories are more likely to use laundromats on a regular basis, so look for possible locations in these areas.

Competitive data

You’ll want to open your new laundromat business where there is little competition. Find out how many other laundromats are in the area. Check into details of their business to the extent that you can. What are the sizes of the laundromats? How old is their laundry equipment? What can you learn about the clientele and amount of traffic these locations receive?

Specific location details

If you’ve chosen one or more locations where you’d like to open a laundromat, consider these details:
  • What is the square footage of the location? Will it easily house your laundry equipment?
  • What is the size of the parking lot? Are there enough parking spaces to accommodate your clientele during peak use?
  • What is the traffic pattern around the store? Is it in a high-traffic area? Will clientele be able to enter and exit the laundromat easily?
  • What other businesses are located in close proximity? Do they offer complementary services?


Finally, check with local utilities, including power and water services. What rates do they charge? Do they charge equipment hook-up fees? This will help you determine your startup and monthly budgets.

Your local IPSO distributor will be helpful resource as you launch your laundromat business. Find an IPSO distributor in your area to get started!

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